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Cloud Video Intelligence

Edge Video Intelligence

Embedded Video Intelligence

12 D Video Engineering

Video Instrumentation

Video Control Systems

Billion Frames Per Second

8K Video Engineering

8K VR / Mixed Reality

AR Engineering

Virtual AI Bots

AI Driven Sound Engineering

AI Driven LIDAR Video Intelligence

AI Driven GPR Intelligence

Enterprise Video Knowledge Graph


Video , AI , 5G  based Technology solutions has power to  create  new revenue stream , accelerate revenue growth, reduce the cost of operations and reduce time to market at once 

AI Driven Video Marketplace

AI Driven Video Knowledge Acceleration

AI Driven Video AI Ops

Video Warranty Management

Blockchain Driven Video Smart Contracts

Video Quality Assurance

Video RPA

Video Audit & Compliance

Video Instrumentation


Trustgrid.AI technology and platform  can help your organisation  to  generate  continuous value   on every day for your organization across all business category, sector, industry




Consumer Packaged Goods

Food Processing



Travel & Tourism

Textile & Fashion

Retail & Ecommerce


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OEM/ Manufacturers

Services Industries

System Integrators


Small & Medium Enterprises