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About Us


TrustGrid.AI , started its birth as a successful hackathon project for solving a complex business problem using Video & AI using 4G Network The objective of the solution was to drive acceleration of continuous quality improvement , differentiate in the market and thus accelerate revenue and margin geographically distributed enterprises ecosystem .
From there on TrustGrid no locking back , the technology grew quickly to take on many real world problems , challenges and innovative use cases from multiple industry verticals.

TrustGrid.AI team has worked on field with many industry leading companies / SMEs related to augmenting human capability with creating a culture of rapid innovation and rapid time to value using AI , Video technology in the advent of 5G/6G mobile internet in industrial and services sector enterprises , SME/MSMEs and Government.

More importantly with the adoption of the 5G with massive data speed combined with incredibly powerful mobile handsets there is a fundamental shift in B2B sales & marketing taking place using HD Videos , Augmented Reality and Immersive videos .

TrustGid has invested more than 18 + person years of R&D effort in order to develop various cutting edge Video A technology platforms as well as focal innovations by combining AI , Video and 5G/6G Technologies. Today TrustGrid is the world’s first truly Video Data Engineering platform for all sizes of customer segments across major verticals , and the fastest growing technology platform in its space.