T R U S T G R I D . A I


Disagree but Decide & Commit !.

We expect you to disagree and drive open debate . Debate ideas, issues not people. Once we decide after enough discussion, commit to the decision. Don’t disregard it or be passive-aggressive in response

Bias for outcomes and speed

Speed matters. When decisions are reversible, we make them quickly. We build things and test our hypotheses with the same speed

Take Risks !

Be bold and explore where no one has explored before !
Work on hard things that will add customer value. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Re-use when possible

Culture @ TrustGrid.AI

TrustGrid.AI offers flexible working model where all eligible employees shall have freedom to work 3 working days in nearest office , 2 working days from home. Female employees can opt for working from home any time in order to balance their family and business commitments.

TrustGrid.AI is a flat organization with zero hierarchy. Employees are listened for their viewpoints and valued their ideas irrespective of their position or role. All viable ideas and initiatives from employees will be supported with seed funding from the company.

TrustGrid.AI Offers free of cost breakfast, lunch & dinner for the employees on all days at office facility . All the food items are organic, vegetarian and vagan. In addition, employees at office provided with 24X7 snacks and Tea & Health Drinks . Quarterly and Annual Outings are part of TrustGrid.AI Culture.

Eligible employees can opt for TrustGrid.AI arranged Serviced Apartment Facility as per company rules & policy and employees can opt and stay at the arranged Serviced Apartment Facility.

TrustGrid.AI is an equal opportunity employer. TrustGrid.AI does not discriminate anyone based on Race , Colour , Age , Gender , Religion , Cast or Language.

TrustGird.AI provides a startup orientation and mentoring program for deserving interns and eligible employees related to all aspects of starting up and scaling a successful business.

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